6 Day Northern & Southern Sky Private Economical Safari

6 Day Northern & Southern Sky Private Economical Safari

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The 6-Day Northern & Southern Sky Private Economical Safari is a tour package that allows you to explore both the northern and southern regions of a particular destination, while focusing on stargazing and astronomical experiences. Here's a general overview of what you might expect from such a safari:

Day 1: Arrival and Introduction

  • You will arrive at the designated starting point, where you'll be greeted by your guide and introduced to the itinerary for the next six days.
  • Depending on the time of your arrival, you may have the opportunity to participate in an introductory stargazing session in the evening.

Day 2: Northern Sky Exploration

  • After breakfast, you'll embark on a journey to the northern region, known for its excellent stargazing opportunities.
  • Throughout the day, you'll visit various locations that provide clear views of the night sky.
  • In the evening, you'll have a stargazing session guided by an expert astronomer who will point out constellations, planets, and other celestial objects.

Day 3: Wildlife Safari and Night Sky Photography

  • Today, you'll have the chance to explore the wildlife of the region through a safari experience.
  • In the evening, you'll have the opportunity to learn and practice night sky photography techniques with assistance from a professional photographer.

Day 4: Southern Sky Exploration

  • You'll travel to the southern region, known for its distinct views of the night sky.
  • Throughout the day, you'll visit locations with optimal conditions for stargazing.
  • In the evening, you'll have another stargazing session where you can observe different celestial phenomena.

Day 5: Cultural Immersion and Astronomy Talks

  • Today, you'll have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the local culture and interact with the communities in the area.
  • In the evening, there will be astronomy talks or lectures conducted by experts, where you can learn more about the universe and astronomical phenomena.



Day 6: Departure

  • On the final day, after breakfast, you'll have some free time to relax or explore the surroundings.
  • Depending on your departure time, you may have the chance for a final stargazing session before bidding farewell to your guide and the safari.


  1. Accommodation: Typically, your tour package will cover the cost of accommodation in selected hotels, lodges, or camps.
  2. Transportation: package include transportation to and from Nairobi or your starting point.
  3. Park Entry Fees: Entrance fees to national parks and attractions like Masai Mara National Reserve, Lake Nakuru National Park, and Hell's Gate National Park included.
  4. Game Drives: Guided game drives in the national parks and reserves to spot wildlife.
  5. Meals: Full or partial board options, including breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
  6. Bottled Water: Some package provide bottled water during your tour.
  7. Local Guides: Guided tours within the parks and attractions by experienced local guides.
  8. Activities: activities like boat rides included.
  9. Park Permits: Permits for activities like hiking.
  10. Cultural Visits: Some packages may include visits to cultural experiences.
  11. Park and Conservation Fees: Fees that contribute to wildlife and environmental conservation.
  12. Airport Transfers: Transfers to and from the airport in Nairobi.
  13. Taxes: Any applicable taxes, such as VAT, may be included.
  14. Travel Insurance: Some packages include basic travel insurance coverage.
  15. Snacks: Snacks and refreshments during activities or drives.
  16. Park Ranger Fees: Fees for park rangers accompanying you on hikes or walks.
  17. Safari Vehicle: Use of a safari vehicle for game drives.
  18. Camping Equipment: If your tour includes camping, equipment may be provided.
  19. Driver/Guide: Services of a driver/guide.
  20. Emergency Support: Access to emergency support and assistance.
  21. Itinerary Planning: Tour operators typically plan the itinerary for you.
  22. All Meals: Some packages include all meals, including packed lunches during game drives.
  23. 24/7 Assistance: Access to customer service or support around the clock.
  24. Park Regulations: Ensuring compliance with park rules and regulations.
  25. Accommodation Upgrades: Options for upgrading to higher-end accommodations at reasonable cost.
  26. Optional Hot Air Balloon Safari: Some packages may offer hot air balloon safaris as an add-on.
  27. Evening Entertainment: Cultural performances or entertainment at the lodges or camps.


  1. International Flights: Typically, international flights to and from Kenya are not included.
  2. Personal Expenses: Expenses like souvenirs, alcoholic beverages, and personal items are usually not covered.
  3. Visa Fees: Fees for obtaining a Kenyan visa, if required.
  4. Travel Insurance: Comprehensive travel insurance may not be included in basic packages.
  5. Vaccinations and Medications: Any required vaccinations or medications are usually not covered.
  6. Optional Activities: Any optional activities outside the planned itinerary may be at an additional cost.
  7. Laundry Services: Laundry services at the accommodation are typically not included.
  8. Gratuities: Tips for guides, drivers, and staff are usually not included.
  9. Excess Baggage Fees: Fees for excess baggage on flights.
  10. Personal Health Expenses: Medical expenses incurred during the trip.
  11. Additional Meals: Meals outside of what is specified in the package.
  12. Airport Departure Taxes: Any applicable departure taxes.
  13. Personal Travel Documentation: Costs associated with obtaining passports or other travel documents.
  14. Travel Gear: Personal travel gear, such as clothing and accessories.
  15. Wi-Fi and Internet Access: Costs for accessing the internet at accommodations.
  16. Phone Calls: Charges for international or local phone calls.
  17. Single Supplement: Additional cost for travelers who want their own room in case of group tours.
  18. Alcoholic Drinks: Alcoholic beverages are usually not included in the package.
  19. Additional Transport: Transport outside the planned itinerary.
  20. Emergency Evacuation: Costs related to emergency medical evacuation.
  21. Extra Nights: If you want to extend your stay beyond the package.
  22. Travel Medications: Medications like malaria prophylaxis.
  23. Travel Gear Rental: Rental of items like binoculars or camping gear.
  24. Early Check-In/Late Check-Out: Fees for early check-in or late check-out.
  25. Changes in Itinerary: Costs associated with changing the tour itinerary.
  26. Travel Locks: Locks and security accessories for your luggage.
  27. Airfare within Kenya: Domestic flights within Kenya, if not included in the package.

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